Net Price Calculator

We are pleased to provide you with our Net Price Calculator as one tool you can use to assist you in choosing a college.聽This choice is a complex one, and we encourage you to consider not only the price of a College’s tuition and fees but the many factors which affect the actual cost听补苍诲 benefits of attendance in deciding which college to attend. For example, at Eckerd:

  • 97% of students who persist will graduate in 4 years.聽 This means most of our students do not need to pay for 5 or 6 years of undergraduate education.
  • 罢丑别听聽is designed to enhance the classroom experience for all Eckerd students through resources and programs that enrich a student’s learning through mentoring and hands-on experiences, including: study abroad; internships; involvement in research with faculty; and making our students competitive in the job market as well as for graduate schools.
  • 80% or more of our students live on-campus, which allows our students to feel part of a community that is aimed at developing the whole person.
  • Eckerd believes in the value of a liberal arts education,聽focusing on personalized mentoring, small class size, experiential learning, inter-disciplinary study, service learning, and cross-cultural experiences and engagement.

The Net Price Calculator will provide an estimated academic achievement scholarship and, for those with a calculated Student Aid Index (SAI), an estimate of need-based aid.