Power Outage


  • If there is a campus-wide power outage, Campus Safety and facilities management will work with the utility company to restore power.
  • 黄色短视频 has many generators located on campus that provide backup power to dorms and critical academic/student life areas, including most of the dorms. These generators automatically start when there is a power outage.
  • Depending on the severity of the power outage, Campus Safety may issue messages through the College鈥檚 emergency notification system (i.e. text and email messages).
  • Updates may include class cancellations.
  • If power is out in your building, follow the guidelines below.


If there is a building-wide power outage, immediately contact Campus Safety at聽727-864-8260, who will contact facilities.

First, determine if you are in a safe location.

  • Is the fire alarm going off or has somebody instructed you to evacuate the building?
  • Is there another source of light (e.g. window or flashlight)?
  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Is there inclement weather outside?

If you feel safe and there is no alarm or order to evacuate the building, stay in place.

If you do not feel safe and there is no alarm or order to evacuate, move to a more comfortable location within the building.

If there is an alarm, evacuate the building and follow the instructions of the Campus Safety Officers and emergency responders.

Please unplug or disconnect electronic equipment that could be damaged by a power surge before electricity is restored.

Elevator Failure

  • If you or someone else is trapped in an elevator, immediately call Campus Safety at 727-864-8260. All elevators have call boxes that automatically call Campus Safety.
  • Campus Safety will attempt to reset or recall the elevators. They may also contact facilities or the St. Petersburg Fire Department for assistance.
  • Remain calm and reassure others.

If an elevator is not working but no one is entrapped, call Campus Safety.

If Campus Safety or Facilities Management cannot reset the elevator, 聽they will contact a repair company.