Suspicious Package or Person

Suspicious Package

Typical characteristics of suspicious letters and package

  • Misspelled words/names
  • Badly typed or written labeling
  • No return address
  • Wrong title or name in address
  • Restrictive markings such as 鈥淧ersonal鈥 or 鈥淐onfidential鈥
  • No postmark or postmark does not match return address
  • Excessive postage, tape, or string

If you receive a suspicious package

  1. Do not open it and handle it with care
    • Isolate the package
  2. Notify Campus Safety at聽727-864-8260.
  3. Follow the instructions of first responders.

Suspicious Person

Typical characteristics of suspicious people

  • Persons acting agitated, dazed or confused, or speaking incoherently
  • Persons attempting to access unauthorized areas
  • Persons wearing clothing inconsistent with the weather (i.e. boots and trench coat in 90 degree weather)
  • Persons loitering in areas where they do not appear to belong or should not be.
  • Persons attempting to sell or give you something
  • Any person who makes you feel uncomfortable or raises your suspicion to the point you think about calling Campus Safety.

How to report a suspicious person

  1. Call Campus Safety at 727-864-8260听颈尘尘别诲颈补迟别濒测.
  2. Give a description of the individual, including:
    • Clothing
    • Physical features (i.e. hair color, height, and weight)
    • The location where they were last seen and the direction they were moving.
  3. If possible, meet up with Campus Safety Officers to provide a better statement.